Here is a brief overview of personal and class projects. Please also check out an overview of my research and take a look at my CV.

  • Redesign of novel Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Led a team of 6 engineering students working on hardware development, control design, and software implementation for an AUV.

  • Localization and Navigation for a Differential Drive Robot: Built the full stack of state-estimation, controls, and motion planning for a treaded differential-drive robot.

  • Magnet Levitation using an FPGA with Gain-Scheduling: Final project for Micro-processor Systems course. This project focuses controlling a non-linear system using a high-speed PID control loop on an FPGA.

  • CMOS Game of Life: Final project for CMOS/VLSI Design Course. In this project, we developed a CMOS implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

  • Evaluating Theoretical Models of Vibration Modes of Rockets in Flight: Final project for Experimental Engineering course. This project focuses on the development and evaluation of mathematical models of bending modes to experimental results.

  • Autonomous Fixed-Wing Aircraft: Autonomous aircraft built by Mudd Aerial Systems Team for the AUVSI competition

  • Autonomous Ultrasound Headset: Major Design Project for Intro to Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Neural Analytics. This is a prototype for an autonomous, portable ultrasound headset for concussion diagnosis.

  • Smart door lock: a project for the Muddhacks Hardware Hackathon. It is a smart door lock built with an Arduino driven motor and a Raspberry Pi web server.

  • minimal Watchface: a basic digital watchface for the Pebble smartwatch that utilizes Quicktap Plus to provide weather, battery level, and bluetooth connection